Signs of Malicious Software

Many different symptoms can indicate the presence of malicious software, and sometimes they can be difficult to detect. These are symptoms that indicate that malware may be present on a computer. 

  • The computer shows unusual error messages, popups, or advertisements. 
  • The computer runs more slowly than normal. How to Speed Up a Slow Computer
  • The computer freezes or crashes randomly. 
  • Your Internet homepage changes unexpectedly.
  • Google search results are redirected to random websites. 
  • You can't access security related websites.  
  • The desktop background changes unexpectedly. 
  • You can't open files (exe). 
  • Your security protection has been disabled. 
  • You can't connect to the Internet or it runs slowly. 
  • Your files are suddenly missing. 
  • The computer is performing actions on its own. 
If you think your computer might be infected with malicious software, follow the steps in this guide.