Scan Files for Malicious Software

The following online scanners allow you to scan files for malware using various antivirus programs. These online scanners are helpful if you want to know whether a file is safe or malicious. 
Scan Files with Many Antivirus Programs
  •  VirusTotal: uses over 40 antivirus programs. It gives results from each antivirus program and provides global statistics. VirusTotal also has an uploader program.  32 MB file size limit.
  •  Jotti's Malware Scan: uses 20 antivirus programs. 25 MB file size limit.
  •  VirSCAN: uses 36 antivirus programs. 20 MB file size limit.
  •  VirusChief: uses 13 antivirus programs. 10 MB file size limit.
  • NoVirusThanks: uses 24 antivirus programs. 20 MB file size limit. NoVirusThanks also has an uploader program.
  • Metascan Online: uses 40 antivirus programs. 40 MB file size limit.

Scan Files with a Single Antivirus Program